"Wonderful and thoughtful comments last night.  I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come down and speak last night.  And thank you and Sopra for all that you do for Denver’s landmark buildings!"

~ Savannah Jameson, Senior City Planner, Denver

"I wanted to thank Sopra for the outstanding service that you have provided us over the last few years. We were at Emerson as far back as the last management company. You should be proud to know that Sopra is in a different league when it comes to communication and maintenance services." 

~ Ryan K.

"It is so nice to have your company manage our building, and you go above and beyond letting us know activities that may affect our driving in the area.  Thank you so much." 

~ Kathy R., One Wynkoop Plaza

"This is perfect. Thank you so much! Why can't all management companies be as friendly as easy as you are!?"

~ Kaleb Valentine, Escrow Processor, Assured Title Agency, LLC

"I just wanted to thank you again so much for the wonderful meeting last week. I can't tell you how incredibly refreshing it is to have a management company be so on top of everything and meet and exceed our expectations! You are FANTASTIC to work with and it means so much to have you on our side."

~ Cindy S., South Emerson Owners Association

"We have engaged many managers over the years, and Elizabeth is without doubt the best. Her management style reflects a strong empathy for the needs of her clients while remaining firm in her responsibilities. She always communicates to the appropriate level of her audience and makes certain complex issues are understood by all. She is friendly, knowledgeable, competent and well prepared. She commands the attention of a group, but is never overbearing.  She shares her views openly without being opinionated… She engages herself with the utmost concern for the neighborhood in general, well beyond the specific duties of her job."

 ~Byron W., Edbrooke Lofts 

"I just wanted to say, outside of the politics of a board meeting, that I see the hard work that you put in on our behalf, I see the personal attention you pay to our concerns and questions, and I see the ownership you take for keeping our building running well.  This last quality, especially, is truly rare and I deeply appreciate it, both as a resident and a board member.   

I am confident that many homeowners would agree that your work on our behalf is superb, if only they took the time to understand all that you do.  Instead, you have given them the luxury of not even having to think about it.  Overall, the building runs flawlessly despite being nearly 80 years old.  This is a tribute to your management and to the solid work of the team you lead.  On behalf of all of us, please accept our heartfelt thanks."

~Matthew M., Rocky Mountain Warehouse Lofts

"By a big margin, you have been the best manager we have had in the twelve years that I have been in the building.  You've made everything seem so easy, that we've forgotten how many things can go wrong in a typical month. I don't know how you do it."

~Bill H., Edbrooke Lofts

"As I am sure the Board has told you on many occasions, we fervently believe that you have performed your duties as our building manager extremely well.  As we stated last December, the professionalism you and Mike have exhibited has been truly top notch. Thanks again for all of your hard work….I really want to send you a heartfelt thank you for all you have done."

~Rob I., Equitable Building

"Elizabeth, thank you for letting us know about this important matter. Your job has been a difficult one, what with many issues to address in a building such as ours, and the many and varied personalities of our residents. Over the years in serving on the HOA board of WaterTower, I've worked with three separate management companies. Each with a different manager. I've been most happy with the results of working with you."

~Jeffrey L., WaterTower Lofts

"You have made everything so much better for us in the Edbrooke, and—I'm sure—in the other buildings you manage, and it is such a pleasure working with you..."

~Dick R., Edbrooke Lofts

"As president of the board I have felt that we have been in extremely good hands.  You have done some very positive things for the building, and taken care of some serious issues and/or potential problems.  I have appreciated your experience and advice as we've made decisions for RMWL."

~Betty A., Rocky Mountain Warehouse Lofts