Going Condo at the Office

Wall Street Journal, Deal of the Week by Max Taves

Office condominiums have never taken hold in the U.S. as they have in Europe and Asia, even during periods when rental rates have risen rapidly. 

Owning office space can save companies money in the long-term, but buying requires large upfront costs. Most American companies would rather use that money for something else. But many foreign businesses and organizations believe buying is more economical and potential good investment. Read More >





Maintaining historic buildings 'key' to fabric of downtown

13 March 2013 | Posted in Denver Market, Construction, Design & Engineering

Repairing stone on the exterior to the historic Brown Palace Hotel may seem like an inevitability for a building constructed in 1892.

However, to Rhonda Maas, it is work like this that is crucial to the vitality of a downtown.

“Maintaining historic buildings is key to strengthening the fabric of downtown,” said Maas, president of Building Restoration Specialties Inc., which recently was awarded the contract to complete repairs, such as repairing stone on the exterior façade, replacing all stone window sills and modifying existing flashings, where needed, at the Brown Palace Hotel.

“Adaptive reuse is not only inherently more sustainable, green, it’s sexy too today, but it’s also purposeful,” agreed Elizabeth Caswell Dyer, president and chief operating officer of Sopra Communities, which provides property management services in the Denver central business district and surrounding neighborhoods, including The Equitable building.  Read Original Article>